Our capabilities

01 Design

We start every client engagement with interviewing teams and, where applicable, clients to better understand the scope of work, the problems we're solving, and the ideas the client has for their mobile solution. Once we've established a baseline, we'll research existing market solutions, potential feature sets, and additional applicable material to ultimately create a concept document we’ll refine with the client.


Once we've agreed on a concept, we transition to engineering a physical solution and creating full construction documents. This process includes full systems engineering, which requires an audit of the solution's power, plumbing, and HVAC needs. We utilize software to stress test concepts, materials, and solutions before picking up a tool to save time and money.


When time allows, we prefer to build a complete physical prototype for clients; this is the best way to test ideas, refine assumptions, gather feedback and avoid costly mistakes when rushing into production too quickly. While partial prototyping is better than nothing, a complete build allows the metaphorical opportunity to kick the tires and makes fleet financing much easier.

02 Build

We have dozens of welders and metal fabricators alongside industrial-scale equipment, including a laser cutter, shear, hydraulic press brake, dual-axis miter saws, and laser welder. Our team has decades of experience in automotive fabrication alongside many other areas. Our metal shop occupies 20,000 ft of space in our Boyle Heights factory.


We have two spray booths, including a custom-made automotive booth for industrial-scale projects and paint mixing. We can execute a variety of paints and finishes from rhino liners and ceramic insulations through to multistage paints and custom finishes. If your project requires something unusual, we are happy to research how to execute it.


Our upholstery workshop is capable of executing nearly any need but typically focuses on cushions, wall panels, curtains, seat covers, floor mats, and shades. Our team has many decades of experience in all facets of upholstery work, from fine leatherwork to custom cut and sew.


We have a large-scale vacuum former, CNCs, and molds that allow us to use plastics and thermoforming to create OEM-quality transitions and parts. While typically only cost-effective at some level of fleet scale, plastics provide a cleanable, durable, and lightweight material we can form into nearly any shape.


We retain dozens of staff across plumbing, electrical, HVAC and systems design. We can implement nearly any solution for on or off-grid use, but we generally seek to build resilient systems that will not break down unexpectedly and can withstand the wear and tear of their planned launch. We typically utilize triple-charge systems that combine lithium batteries with solar, shore, and gasoline power to guarantee operations.


Our carpenters and machinists seamlessly combine years of woodworking craft with the latest in CNC-milling capabilities to quickly produce and assemble highly professional cabinetry, furniture, and storage.


Our team includes half a dozen skilled mechanics who can implement any aftermarket solution, from suspensions to second alternators to the latest in mechanical upgrades. This same team is responsible for maintenance and vehicle quality insurance to ensure your fleet continues to operate in good health for years to come.

03 Finance

Texino can set up a bundled lease agreement where we charge clients a monthly recurring fee to lease mobile assets from Texino. Depending on a client's financial strength or growth strategy, this can be advantageous to avoid spending cash on purchases or carrying a large debt load.


We are also able to create debt facilities, depending on the financial health and growth trajectory of a client, to stand up fleets covering vessels and most of the conversion work. Again, depending on the client’s business strategy, this can be a way to avoid spending cash on assets while retaining ownership.

04 Fleet Operations
Vehicle Aquisition

Our team of project managers and relationships at various OEM dealerships can help source any type of truck, van, or chassis at the best price possible across the United States while coordinating delivery to our Los Angeles Factories.


We work with all applicable California Departments on registration for any of our trucks, trailers, or van solutions. We can make a complex and confusing situation as simple as talking through your specific needs.


Our team can also help navigate various sector-specific regulatory bodies across the U.S., depending on your vertical. This is another highly confusing and often highly regulated area — a trusted partner supporting you through drawing and operational approvals can be the difference between a project getting off the ground or not.


Included in our platform, we can bundle both scheduled and surprise maintenance for your vessels. Sustain peace of mind and avoid having to find and schedule specialists to deal with routine or unexpected maintenance issues. We are only able to offer this in California at this time.


Storing vessels properly, safely, and ensuring regular care all go part and parcel of successfully running larger fleets. For a small monthly fee per unit, we are glad to store vehicles in our gated and secured facilities in Los Angeles.


We work with a wide variety of insurance brokers and underwriters within the mobility space. We can help connect you to the right solution for your needs and, in some instances, bundle this within our existing fleet policies depending on your assets and usage profile.

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We’re always innovating and expanding into new verticals, and your custom solutions help us do that. Looking for something you don’t see on our website? Big or small, feel free to reach out with custom build ideas!