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4 Recipes for Your Next Road Trip

If you’ve got a two-burner stove (as many living or travelling in vans will) or even a one-burner or camping stove, you might think you’re going to be restricted when it comes to recipes. We’re here to debunk the myth!

Here are four delicious recipes to try on the road (although, maybe not literally while on the road… definitely not):


This is THE perfect one-pot meal. The great thing about ramen is you can adjust it according to your favourite ingredients or dietary preferences. Easily swap out pork for a veggie alternative, or bean sprouts for sweetcorn, for example. If you’re keeping fresh ingredients to a minimum, ramen adjusts easily to canned and dried goods that are always good to have in your cupboard anyway (like dried mushrooms, canned sweetcorn, and tofu). Now we’re cooking with gas!

For a quick recipe, build your base first. Our tips: fry in sesame oil, don’t forget the miso (lots) and stock cube, and definitely never skip the dried shiitakes. Use ready-to-wok noodles and sprinkle with spring onion and chopped chilli, and maybe even add an egg if your diet allows. For a jammy egg: 7 minutes from when the boiling starts, then soak it in cold water before peeling.

Time to tuck in - got your chopsticks at the ready? If not, this nifty Snow Peak cutlery set works just as well. Eat straight from the pan for less washing up (ideal when van-lifing) - we won’t tell!


You’re sitting looking out at the next hike spot, coffee in hand. You need some fuel for the day. Grab your favourite frying pan - check out this Solid Teknics cast iron skillet - and get cookin’! Pancakes are a perfect and versatile road trip breakfast.

We probably don’t need to tell you how to make pancakes, but here’s a fab, fluffy recipe.

Choose your fighter: blueberries and cream or lemon and sugar? Go wild with a bit of maple syrup or chocolate drizzle. Then dig in!


This one’s an excellent campfire recipe - and, whenever sharing is allowed, it’ll be your go-to for hazy summer nights with pals. You can cook this on one of these above-ground Snow Peak fireplaces, or this Primus Campfire Pot. Check out this recipe. The secret is in the layers; you can never have too many layers of cheese in a nacho mountain.

Then serve up for friends and family to enjoy — simple as that!

One-Pot Pasta

You really can’t go wrong with a classic one-pot pasta (no, that’s not a challenge!). We recommend giving this spicy, creamy cajun chicken pasta a go. Veggie? No worries, vegan options are easy to swap in.

The best thing about this one is that you’ll almost always have all the ingredients on hand for a great one-pot pasta. If it’s not spicy cajun chicken, try tomato, mushroom, and spinach. Add sundried tomatoes for a flavour kick.

Good utensils will change your life, so swap out for our chopping board and knife set (the knife packs away neatly into the chopping board when not in use!) and sturdy, heat resistant kitchen spoon . Your recipes will taste that much better when you’re equipped to make them without hassle!

We hope you enjoy making these recipes on your next road trip - and don’t forget to take a look at our Camp Store for everything you’ll need on the road.

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