Below are the build specifications for Texino's newest model, the Atrium. For additional information please feel free to contact us directly here.

Mercedes-Benz heavy duty Sprinter chassis

Built on the RWD 170’’ wheelbase Sprinter Dually Chassis powered by a 4 or 6 cylinder diesel motor. Texino plans to offer 4x4 conversions down the road.

Striking exterior campervan shell

Steel body construction with stainless steel interior components and accents for durability. The exterior is brushed aluminum paneling bonded with high-strength 3M VHB tape.

Closeup of the Atrium brushed aluminum exterior and porthole windows

Viewing atrium, skylights, and porthole windows

Designed to offer incredible panoramic views; constructed from custom cut and laminated Smartglass for one-switch dimming and privacy.

Custom fabricated mechanized hatch door

Remote activated, powered by actuators; designed, engineered, and built by Texino, the 5-step hatch door allows for a bold entrance into the space.

Electrical system with off-grid HVAC powered by solar and lithium-ion batteries

600 watts of solar and 600 amps of lithium-ion batteries to power HVAC, induction stovetop, water pump, and interior and exterior lighting

Custom-built interior, dining, and sleeping areas

Massive banquet table that converts into a king-sized bed. Custom cabinetry made from eco-friendly and durable Richlite. Natural Corkoleum flooring.

Bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet

Complete in-vehicle bathroom, includes shower, sink, and toilet with 200/50/25 gallons of fresh, grey, and black water, respectively.