Texino undertook the Atrium project through a desire to enter and transform the homogenous Class C RV category. Dozens of team members, led by our CEO Nick Devane and Design Director Gabriel Wartofsky, undertook a radical rethinking of the future of camping.

Carpenters, designers, metalworkers, engineers, machinists, and mechanics all lent a hand to the concept and fully functioning prototypes. Designed and refined during the build process, this is a camper steeped in the old ways of fabrication enlivened by the latest technology available.

camping reimagined

Simultaneously simple and luxurious, the Atrium is strikingly novel while harkening to a long heritage of outdoor housing: the Avion C10, the Quonset Hut, and the Airstream. Inspired by Corbusier and Andrea Zittel as much as Steve Zissou and Doc Brown, we know the Atrium isn’t for the average adventurer. This is a deep study in departure. A challenge for everyone to rethink what a living space on wheels can, and should, be. We want to provide a vessel for the extraordinary and the terrific — the home base for total leisure, from the backroads of Baja to the trails of the Eastern Sierras. Make an escape off-grid for weeks or make a Cannonball run, but make something because life’s too short not to.

the details

In the great tradition of RV design stealing vibes from its cooler, older sibling, the aeronautical industry, we stationed a viewing cockpit at the rear of the Atrium. The case windows, along with the side portholes and skylights seamlessly integrate the outdoors into the interior of the aptly named Atrium. All the windows are Smartglass ™, allowing complete privacy at the mere flick of a switch. Additionally, we put the split door entrance and stairs on actuators to make an easy statement on the entry or exit.

With ample storage, off-grid HVAC, a large kitchen, a massive banquet table that converts to a king-size bed, and a full bathroom, this RV compromises nothing while composed in a tight enough envelope to traverse any terrain. We are planning a forthcoming four-person, two-bed layout in the near future, as well as an available full-time 4wd option.

The production vehicle will have 600 watts of solar, 600 amps of Lithium batteries, 200 gallons of fresh water, a 50-gallon grey water tank, and a 25-gallon black water tank. On-board air compressor, two spares, integrated extra fuel storage, and rugged ‘dirty’ storage make any outdoor encounter a breeze.

The images in this journal post are an eye into the Atrium buildout at our fabrication facilities in Downtown Los Angeles. Stay tuned with Texino as we reveal more of the Atrium and the build comes to life. Sign up here for more information and to learn more about the coming launch.

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