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Why Sprinter

Why a Sprinter?

When looking for a foundation to build on, we wanted a van that matched the care and effort we put into our builds; that meant reliability, high quality, and style. Since we're a small company, we wanted to focus on one brand. We looked at all the van companies we could find, and Mercedes fit the bill perfectly. We believe they have the best engineering and style among van manufacturers.

They also offer all the options we wanted. The Metris (smaller van) is the largest in its class and the only one with RWD; RWD has many advantages over FWD when fully loaded. Additionally, Sprinters are the only full size cargo vans with 4x4 straight from the factory. On top of all that, the new generation of Sprinters (2019+) can have all the luxuries of a Mercedes car: lumbar heated seats, radar guided cruise control, 10-inch infotainment system, etc.

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