Ghost Kitchens and Food Trucks

These franchises-in-a-box are built, deployed, and scaled quickly. The size of the truck, layout, and kitchen equipment can be customized to your needs, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional brick and mortar restaurant build out.

Mobile Ghost Kitchen Interior with Equipment
Refrigerated Catering Van with Hotbox

Catering and Delivery

Streamline your catering operation with a van that functions as storage for catering equipment, transportation to the venue, and hot/cold storage to keep food at a safe temperature until the event.

On Demand Delivery Trailers

Trailers that act as on-demand convenience hubs at events or in high foot-traffic areas and eliminate the need to lease real estate and can be deployed almost anywhere, lowering delivery times. Associate your brand with convenience and reach larger audiences with that brand message.

On Demand Delivery Trailer
Ghost Kitchen Renderings and Floor Plans (Example)

Materials, Equipment, and Specifications (Mobile Kitchen)


Texino built trailer (any size)

Hitch pull

20 ga Stainless Steel lining

Curbed diamond plate floor

Kitchen Equipment

8.5' Type 1 Hood with fire suppression system

1925 CFM exhaust fan

36'' x 36'' concession window

Power System

52K BTUs of AC (4 x 13K)

400 Amp 3 phase, 84 circuit load distribution power connection and generator transfer switch

Water and Plumbing

100 gallon fresh water tank

200 gallon waste water tank

Built in 3 comp sinks with water pump

2.5 gallon hot water heater

Reef Technologies - Ghost Kitchen Scale Up

In June of 2021, we began talking to Reef Technologies about scaling up their production of food trucks and trailers for nationwide restaurant franchises. We quickly onboarded and began producing 20-30 trailers per month by Q1 2022. We built full mobile commercial kitchens for large food franchises including Wendy's, Popeyes, Burger King, and others. Texino helps clients with regulatory compliance and health inspections and has delivered mobile solutions to many large US markets including Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, Miami, and many more.

Wendy's Mobile Commercial Kitchen