Mobile Clinic Model 1

Full length closet, under counter and overhead storage

Passenger side exam bed/bench


Rear driver side work desk

Mobile Medical Clinic 1 Floor Plan
Mobile Medical Clinic 2 Floor Plan

Mobile Clinic Model 2

Full length overhead storage

Driver/passenger side benches


Collapsible desk top

Optional wheelchair ramp

Vaccine and Testing Model

Two vaccine grade refrigerators

12’ Driver’s side work bench

Two intercoms and test chutes

Passengers’s side floor mounted storage unit

Mobile Testing and Vaccination Van Floor Plan
Mobile Phlebotomy Blood Draw Floor Plan

Phlebotomy and Restroom Model

2 Vaccine grade refrigerators

Mobile phlebotomy chair

Bathroom located in rear of van includes toilet + sink

Access to bathroom via rear van doors and/or interior partition door

Patient Sample pass-through window/hatch cut into interior partition door

Specifications + Materials

Vehicle + Exterior:

Mercedes Sprinter 2500 (144" or 170’’ wheelbase)

Color/Logo Wrap (optional)

Awning for Weather Protection

330 Watt Solar Panels

Exterior Lights for 24/7 Operation


Stainless Steel Countertops

WiFi (optional)

Abundant Customizable Storage

Easily Cleaned/Sanitized Surfaces

Electrical Outlets

300 Amph LiFe PO4 Battery

Dual Alternator

Automatic Auto-Start System for Efficient Battery Charging



Off-Grid AC/Heat System

Equipment (All Customizable):

Vaccine Grade Refrigeration

Phlebotomy Chair


Wall Storage

Rear Door Storage


In the summer of 2020, we partnered with Curative, which was the largest COVID testing company in Los Angeles at that time, to design, build, and deploy over 150 vaccine and testing vans across the country. In a rapid response to the pandemic, Texino quickly scaled up a team and production to meet the urgent need to test and vaccinate millions of Americans.

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Texino Curative Medical Van Testing Site