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Tamanohada Soap, Gardenia





Brand Notes

Tamanohada is a 116 year-old soap factory located in Tokyo. This round palm oil based soap is infused with pure essential oil to clear and relax the mind. There is no seam in the smooth rounded shape. Each soap is packaged in an elegant square box. DETAILS- Ø 2.5” / H 2.3”- Palm oil based soap infused with pure essential oil- No seam in the smooth rounded shape- Made in Japan- Contains one round soap in elegant square gift box ABOUT TAMANOHADATamanohada's history dates back to 1892 during the Edo period as a producer of a spherical white soap ball called the "skin soap ball" which was known for its superior quality as a cosmetic product. Starting in the 1960s the company produced soaps for international luxury brands.


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