The Benton by James Brand - CO300915-10 - Texino

The Benton by James Brand



Brand Notes

Mind meets hand. The Benton uses a 304 stainless steel barrel design, which means you won’t crack your cartridge – keeping the ink where it’s meant to be, on the page. With its pusher-mounted lanyard, you can pull it from your pocket easily, or you can keep it at the ready with the PVD-coated steel pocket clip (or both). The Benton will become a staple of your everyday-carry before you know it. MATERIAL 304 Stainless Steel Barrel CLIP Bent Steel GRIP PATTERN Laser Etched LANYARD LOOP From clicker CARTRIDGE Schmidt 900 M (Black) CARTRIDGE ACCESS Twist off DIAMETER 3/8" (9.4mm) LENGTH 5.5" (139mm)


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